Thursday, 31 May 2018

Combining sentences

WALT: to combine sentences
Task description: Room 2 had to combine some sentences.
We have to use because, so, or but in between sentences.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Author study:Brian Falkner

Task Description: My group called campion had to read this really cool 
book called The Real Thing. The book is about the real recipe to coka cola .
We studied about the author of The Real Thing his name is Brian Falkner.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Using Appositives

WALT: to use appositives in a sentence
I learned howto use Appositives in sentences. I use appositives to
explain a characters.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Kruz Bionic Heros


In a world where only super bionics hero live. There were one hundred people in this world, but These 3 people named Leo, Adam, and Marcus Were the most powerful out of all! Leo’s  power was fire, Adams power was ice, and Marcus was the strongest his power was everyone's power combined including mind reading. They made up a team called strike team, because they would always strike enemies. The strike team would love to strike people, everyday they always complete their mission in a flash.  The strike team had a very special mission. The mission was to fight the evil rivals. The best thing about this mission was that, they had some unique weapons witch made the mission easier. Adam had a big blaster gun which can blow up a whole town. Leo had a big gun that get shoot spares, and Marcus just has everything. The strike team lined up. The enemies were very tough. The strike team was taking them out. “Pow pow” The enemies were dying, and get hurt. And then something interesting happened when you finally finished the mission. Marcus actually turn his back on the strike team! He wanted to do this because he strong already. “Lets Fight!” Marcus shouted. So what they did is they fought. Marcus did the first move It was a lighting bolt attack. Leo, and adam blocked the move. Leo had an idea. The idea was to combine the ice and lava. So they did. They striked it on marcus. He began to shake. After a few second of shaking lucas smash into little pieces of metal. He was a robot all along. They all decided to split up so it will be better.