Thursday, 28 July 2016

Kruz if I were a athlete writing.olympics

Walt: use a plan when writing.
It is Monday July the 25th today. In 2 weeks time I will competing for the Rio 2016 Olympics. The , and I have been training for 4 years you might be thinking that's false, but it's true. This is the moment when I get that gold medal. I'm trying to be the best in the competition.

I will be competing in running the 100m hurdle jump, hurdles are when you have to run as fast as a cheater and leap over the little fences called hurdles. I will be running because I’m fast, and I can jump high. I really want to be the fastest in the race. I was training for 4 years so I want to see if that really paid of.

I am representing New Zealand Because I was born in here, and I'm also a kiwi. Last year So I will make this country proud this year. Last year I wasn't as tough, but this year you know what? I will be better than before. New Zealand is one of the coolest countries in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

I feel excited and a little bit nervous because I'v never been watched by the crowed before. But I’m Determined to be the winner of Rio 2016 Olympic. I'm more excited than nervous, because  i’ll be fine. I will try my best to get more than one gold medal. I also think I can train some more.

I'm really really looking forward to competing in the Olympics. This is my chance to beat the fastest guy in the competition.  

task description:We were planning our writing before we wrote.

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Kruz Opinions Zoos

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know. Task descriptions: I had to write what these people think about shooting the gorilla, or saving it,And we had to write a paragraph of what these people, likes , or hates zoo's

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Kruz PMI about zoo's

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.
task description: I learn learned what i think about zoo's