Wednesday, 14 December 2016

last blog post for this year bye!!!

this is my last blog post forever!!!. 

Im joking it is the last one for the year. Bye people who look at my blog and comment. I will see you next year in 2017. My favorite blog post was my most recent blog post one, Pokemon picnic trip 
Kruz @Pokemon picnic story. It was hard posting 7 paragraph.  I enjoys being is Mr Goodwin and Mr Baxendine in the year 5 space. But also i will surely enjoy being in the year 6 space too. bye and see you in 2017 bye bye bye bye. Also bye Mr baxendine see you later i hope.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Kruz Pokemon picnic story

Once in earth there was a school called pt
england school .Point england school were the best school in the world. All the students were kind, and smart. They were lucky to have their own beach.

One sunny day they went out for a picnic trip at their beach. They sat down in their class lines. It was christmas. Kruz, and his friend lorenzo were looking for clay
(it took a long time to look for some).
(10 minutes later) they finally got some. It was a massive one. everybody was jealous.

Suddenly there was something blocking the sun. It turned dark... It was, It was a giant crab!!! It looked like the exact same on as krabby in pokemon. The world turned out to be pokemon world. It was starting to attack the sea and the sea was attacking us.

It tried to jump on us. But in mid air 2 brave pokemon were brave to attack it. Kruz had 2  pokemon to defeat the king krabby. Lucky it was a legendary… arceus and mew, the two most strongest pokemon.

He used both of them at the same time. It was a tough battle between one big crab and 2 powerful pokemon. “Arceus use divine body mew use link blast” Kruz shouted. Everybody was so scared.

Kruz's pokemon was actually starting to beat him up. Krabby started to fall, and faint. When he fell it made a big bang. After the bang there was a tsunami. Everybody ran as fast, and hard as they can.

They ran all the way to panmure. They were safe. Sadly they didn't have a picnic at all. They got to have a picnic at pt england at home. They were happier there than the beach. Kruz went home he was sick but they lived happily ever after

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Kruz rap

Walt:Rap about 3 main states of matter Task description:Me and my friend William recorded raped about 3 main states of matter. we recorded from voice recorder