Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Creative Writng

Walt: create a piece of writing using my sense Walt: to create a strong plan before I begin my writing. 
Hi My name is kruz it’s the weekend tomorrow. Me and Leonidas are going to camp in the forest for the weekend for fun. We Pack our stuff that we needed, ‘Don't forget the tent’’ I say to Leonidas. So he rushes to get the tent.

I think It's time to go now. So we walk to the nearest forest. 4 minutes later we arrive at the forest. We lay our stuff down and set our tent up. We set the tent up and put all our stuff in it. ‘‘Its getting dark’’ I say. Leonidas agrees. We get in our sleeping bags and rest till the next day.

In the middle of the night i keep hearing creepy sounds. ‘‘Tic Tac’’ I hear but in a creepy voices. I was so scared, and i was the only one awake which is even worse. I tiptoe out side, and flash my flashlight. I see nobody but only hear somebody, It's so weird so i go deeper in the forest. It suddenly gets silent…

I have shivers down my spine, butterflies in my stomach and all sorts of feelings. It gets dark and i see 2 lights. ‘Eyes?’ I think to myself. ‘‘RAAAAA!!’’ Shouted Leonidas. I nearly pooped myself. I nearly died, But he got me good.

I couldn't believe it, He set this up all by himself. At least it wasnt real like a horror movie, It could've ended up worst. After that heart attack we went hunting for food, and we had a good time.


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catching a space duck

Walt: to summarise information across texts Walt: to be able to explain what we find in space Walt: to be able to give a short definition of what space is

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

guardians of the galaxy writing

on earth there is gonna a big asteroid hitting the earth in 68 hours. That is also the end of the world. So Im gonna leave from earth to saturn to  because i don't want to die.

On The way there I stop at some planets to Get some sleep. I woke up and Started flying again.  We came across a big black spaceship. I was looking for some food and water, so i knocked on the wall, and shouted ‘hello’ Nobody replied but I hear a noise “blurrr” The sound gets louder every time. Suddenly I see ALIENS! They were also pointing their space rifles at me which is even worse.

I had to think quick before the aliens kill me. I just remembered! I can jump thanks to the no gravity. I started to jump… the Aliens Can jump too! I was so scared, I didn't know what to do and if i don't eat i might die. Peuw peuw I hear The aliens started dieing i was confused. I looked behind me and saw a person. She lives of mars she help me get the food.  

“Hi im jessie what are you doing here?” said the girl. “Nothing just looking for a planet to liv on” I said. We met each other then she told me to come to mars. Mars his the safest planet either than earth. '

So She took me to mars, and I liked the environment. There was water and I brought a ton of food. I had fun there but earth was rebuilt and i went back home. THE END