Friday, 29 May 2015

the switch writing

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Mrs Chip  was strolling along and slurping his fingers.He said  “That was a very yum lunch,”.
He noticed a spot on his tie. “ What is this?” he said. He licked his finger and wiped it on his tie so the spot could come off.

Suddenly a box came out of nowhere and hit him on the forehead. ”I didn't see that coming,” he said to himself. He was feeling very mad and gave it an almighty  kick.

He noticed there was a tower of boxes which were balancing precariously. He saw a shiny box suspended in mid-air in front of him. He tried to push it but it wouldn't budge.
Mr Chip climbed the tower of boxes. He leapt off the tower and slammed onto the shiny
box. Then  he bounced off and hit the floor. He noticed the button underneath the shiny box
“What is this?” he thought. He hesitated. He pressed it.

The box spun rapidly. It got even bigger it sucked him inside.

It spat out box . It transformed into a box of ties.Then it turned into a normal box. Mr Chip disappeared for ever.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My Special Game



chocolate, grass ball,bowl,

                                      THE GAME Is CALLED: chocolate ball

 We read a book about grass balls.We had to make our own game.The book said
you can find a lot at the beach.


The aim is to try and put the chocolate inside the grass ball faster than the other people.If you come first you and dig holes and throw the grass ball into the holes and you win.

Friday, 15 May 2015

kruz marshmallow writing

In a cloudy dark starless night there was a boy called Jimmy. He was camping on a  clearing spot. Jimmy was in a fire with orange glow wisps smoke.

“What is that noise?”  Jimmy's said to himself. He could hear a strange noise and it sounded like a somebody walking. He looked back and saw a slimy green monster with spiky  and sharp teeth and shiny yellow eyes

Jimmy jumped. He got out his stick and used it as a sword. Suddenly as fast lightning and before Jimmy could blink  the monster gobbled the marshmallow. He got out another one and the monster did some tricks and transformed into acting like a silly dog.The monster he jumped and rolled on his back to get more marshmallows.

Jimmy was feeling around the marshmallow bag and he gasped because Jimmy knew that was the last one.The sea monster slurped the marshmallow and slime went on Jimmy's arm.

The sea monster waited expectantly for the next marshmallow.The monster reverted back into a sea evil monster when he realized that was the last marshmallow. 

Jimmy ran quickly into the tent he grabbed his pillow and he tried to block himself. The monster reverted one more time into a nice monster. The monster saw the pillow and was in marshmallow heaven.The monster went to the fire to try roast it and then the pillow turned in to ashes. The monster was very very sad.

Friday, 1 May 2015


At the dawn parade in Auckland it was anzac day. There was 1,0000 of people and old Soldiers it was pitch black and everybody hushed. We go there because we remember the people who died in the war for us.The parade was before sunrise we will remember the soldiers that died for our country

kruz imersion assembly term 2

at the start of the year pt england school in the morning we went to the assembly. We watched the team 4 do their movie creations and they do there own game.Then we watched other teams .then we went to class.up,two,three,five team five chanted  as they muched down the hall.They stop in front of the staged.They stand straight and saluted. The captain was beloved saying orders.Then they answered.
My  Favorite item was Team 4 because they made their own game and it was funny      
because the fish killed  mr Somerville and the screen got closer to the fishes face
at the immersion assembly i felt very happy.