Friday, 28 October 2016

into the cave writing

Walt: write a narrative
So they all started mining. They saw a big scorpion, and it was heading for them. Klink klink klink. The rocks started to fall on the entrance… suddenly it was dark, they couldn’t see a thing. But good thing they had a flashlight to see. So they kept mining. On one sunny thursday they went gold hunting on the scariest cave in the city. So they grabbed all the tools for gold hunting, and of they went. As soon as they arrived Lenkin started to mine. “Come on brothers let’s start mining” excitingly said Lenkin.Once there were three hunter’s called lenkin,julian , and jessie. They are bothers, and they loved to hunt for gold in all different kinds of  cave’s. They have all the tools they needed.

A few minutes later they heard something. Hkkk hkkk!. “What was that” nervously said lenkin. “ its its its a spider!!!” shouted lenkin . So they started to chop it with a pickaxe. It was getting hurt. Three more hits until it's dead so they kept hitting it hitting it.

So they killed the spider. They had an idea.
“ what if we mine the rocks and get out of here!” Mysteriously said julian. They started to  mine the rocks out of their way. So they decided to leave the cave and go home.

As soon as they arrived at home. they  sadly thought they would never go gold hunting for ever in their lives

TASK DESCRIPTION: we wrote a story of what will happen in this cave. we got to write this hole story in 40 mins.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

diet coke explosions

On Tuesday the 11th team 4 did a science rotation, and we had three groups witch is three rotations. On the third rotation we did coke explosions.