Friday, 19 June 2015

Kruz lighthouse writing

In a dull starless night there was a old stone house with a beacon.

Meanwhile people at the village were drinking and have a celebration.’’Cheers!!!’’ They said.

Up in the lighthouse the Lighthouse keeper heard some people having a celebration ‘I'm trying to finish my work,’ he thought slamming the window with annoyance.

Suddenly he heard an unusual clanking noise and the lighthouse was plunged into darkness. He quickly ran up stairs with a lamp and tool-box to see what was happening.

The lighthouse keeper was panicking’’Oh no the ship is getting closer’’.He lifted the light house lamp but he tripped on his toolbox. The lighthouse lamp smashed into the ground and shattered because it was too heavy.
The lighthouse keeper had an idea and he was gasping for breath.He got all the people with lamps and it was flooded with light. the lighthouse keeper was very very happy.

                         The end