Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Try Not To...

Try Not To Do These Things. Thats All Its Pretty Hard.

Watching Fast 8 With my dad

Last Night Me And My Dad Went To Hoyts To Watch Some Fast And Furious 8
It Was a Fun Night

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sky tower run.

On Saturday march the 13 Miss Parrants cousin called Julie had t participate in a sky tower run. She had to run with her firefighter cloths witch his so heavy, and also run all the way to top of the sky tower!The people who did it had to Run on 1103 stairs and 51 floors!Julie did this because she was raising money for the People with cancer.Julie was running for this one kid.Before the run she had to train and practise this on stairs. Miss Parrant showed us this video about the sky tower run. The video had some people talking about it, And also showing us facts about it. The man on the video looked like he was going to give up. But he was trying his best. I would never do this because i think i would faint.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

kruz extreme entertainment day

Today april the 15th me and my auntie went to extreme entertainment. But first we went to mcdonalds. We had a little feed there then we went to extreme. So as soon as we finished eating we ran the the extreme place. We asked the lady if we can play in the arcade and she said yes. But extreme entertainment is so much different to the amf bowling place at panmure because instead of amf coins to play on the games we have cards. We had the green card which means we can play the games that have a green light. There is different colors on different games but we had to go on the games that had a green light. The lady was so nice she even said we were allowed to play one blue light color which was awesome. The first One we did was a blue one. It was a crazy game.  it was a car ride. It was so bad. It was like inside of a car thing. So we hopped inside of it. It had seat belts so we put our seat belt on. The first second after we put our seat belts on the car started shaking, and shaking. There was a screen in front of us which was the thing that made us move. It was like we were in a real car because the car was shaking and the screen showed something that was realistic. The screen showed someone driving and it was us. We got so dizzy after that his was like a roller coaster ride but moving in the same spot.
So The next game we played was a motorcycle race it was two players. So me and my auntie were those two player. We were battling each other in a race competition.

It was Amazing. We were turning, stunting, and more things. I came first which means i beat her but my auntie came 2nd witch was pretty close.

next was this realistic shooting game it look so real. My auntie keeps beating me. its different to black ops it was because we were in teams. It looked like this It was epic This game was better about aiming. The Game was super easy because all you have to do was shoot my auntie and i had battles and she kept winning.Image result for arcade time crisis

This other game was called guitar hero and it was a guitar game it was a 2 payer game but the other guitar didn't work. so my auntie let me play it i sucked at it because it was so hard. Plus everybody was looking at me playing witch was really awkward and embarrassing.

Image result for arcade hockey gameSo this other game was a hockey game kind of i think you've played it.

These were the games we played at the arcade than we played bowling. It was tough my auntie was like a pro.

Friday, 14 April 2017


I had no idea what to post so i posted something about a hamburger

Safest places to go if world war three started

These are the safest places to go if world war 3 started stay tuned. Enjoy
and smile more

My Favorite Thing In The World

These are my favorite things in the world, Part two coming up.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

My worst jokes ever

Here is the best jokes translate: worst jokes.

1.What do you call a bagel that can fly... (what kruz tell me) a plane bagel (dryy) does a train eat... ( How Kruz how!) It chew chews! sarcastically laughing 'Hahahahaha'

3. What is a Forrest grumps password... (whats it password kruz) 1forrest1 get it. (Suddenly leaves.)

Kruz Holiday/last day writing

I have about 3 years until college so its time to have some fun before that like i mean i had fun the past 5 years like like. never mind

This is the Last day of school witch means...

I don't get to see my friends and teacher for a whole 2 weeks. But that doesn't mean the fun ends. Because we also get 2 weeks of fun

I love Holidays because Everybody gets 2 weeks of No school. So basically it's a very long break time.  

This holiday is the first holiday of the year. So that means Anzac day, Easter day, And some other stuff.

This holiday i will be Posting so many different stuff because it's really fun. Stay tuned for more posts from me!!

Easter Holiday Presentation


Anzac Presentation:)

This is my Anzac presentation, This is what i know about Anzac Enjoy!!