Friday, 27 September 2019

Technology/Attitude Talks.

 On Wednesday Toni came to the team 5 block for attitude talks.
He came and talked about the ups and downs of technology. He
also told us how far has come. Technology has moved so fast.
Who knows what it’ll be in the next 10 years. Back in the days
Toni said that they had this thing called a brick phone. It's basically
a really thick phone. You can drop it and it won't break. You can kick
it for 5 minutes and it wont even break. Now that we have small
phones like iPhone when you hear a crack you better hope it was your leg. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

COED schools

WALT: use evidence to support our arguments
Do you think COED is better than a single gender school? COED schools are better
because things like it lets both girls and boys socialize better. Plus Also being in a same
gender school will cause way more drama then it should. This essay will tell you why
coed schools are better.

COED schools are better because you can socialize more. Socializing with girls
are really important because there are gonna be a lot of girls in your life. Boys learning
with girls lets both genders prepare for the real world. When boys and girls are taught
to interact with one another, they can use the skill to do it after they graduate, and both
genders will be more comfortable collaborating with each other.

Attending in a single gender school will create way more drama. Being in an all boys
school, or an all girls school are more competitive because there will be sports teams,
and that’ll mean that you will be competing with every because there the same gender.
Even in academic, how people are trying to be the smartest boy or the smartest girl.

Being a COED school means that everyone is taught equally. With both genders in the
same class together and doing activities both boys, and girls will learn about the equal
rights between boys and girls. COED schools treat students the same when they are
told to do something. There is not a time where a person gets special treatment and
all students are ranked for their work not the gender type.

COED schools are better for so many more reasons. Many people have many
different opinions on whether one is better than the other. This is just my point of view on this topic. 
What do you think? Is COED better than a single gender school?

Task Description: Room 4 Literacy learnt about the disadvantages and the advantages of
being in a coed school. We brain stormed all our ideas and made it into a writing presentation.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Team 5 learnt all about guts. Room 1 watched a few videos about
the guts in our body. We then gathered all the information and wrote it on 
the board. After that we transferred the information into a presentation.
This is my presentation about the guts/Intestines.

Chocolate Muffins Ingredients.

Today at Tech we learnt how to make chocolate muffins. We had to
buddy up with a pair, and my buddy was Tata.
These are the ingredients.

Chocolate muffins ingredients 
Step 1 - 1 1/2 Cup of Flour
        2 - 1/4 Cup of cocoa
        3 - 1/2 Cup of Sugar

Step 2 - 1 egg
        1 - 1/2 Cup of milk
        2 - 1/2 Cup of oil

Step 3 - Mix Well!!!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Blood Cells

Task Description: We learned all about blood cells. We gathered
All our ideas and put it in into one slide. Enjoy


Plant vs Body Cells

    Task Description: Room 1 are learning all about the difference
    between a plant cell and a body cell. We had to gather the stuff we know
    and put them together

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

How to be a good son

WALT: write engaging introductions

Would your parents say your a good son? To be an amazing son you need to do
things such as listening, being helpful, and a lot more. Being a good son is really
important because your parents will want to love you, give you treats, and they
will be proud of you. This essay will tell you how to be a good son.

If you want to be a good son you need to start by actively listening. For
instance when your parents are telling you something you need to listen asap.
Your parents are the ones that know best, and they want to give you the best
advice for anything that you will experience. Your parents will try their best to
protect you from the mistakes they made. 

To be a good son you need to be helpful. Helping around the house will give
extra time for your parents to do more important things in their lives. For example
making breakfast for younger siblings will save time for you and your parents
to eat, then after that you can follow that up with doing the dishes after. 

Last tip on being a good son is to be grateful. When your parents have
cooked something, or bought you something  a great way to thank them
is to just be grateful and do all these tips. Being grateful will make them feel
proud about their work they have done for you. 

In conclusion to be a good son you need to be helpful, a great listener, and be grateful.
Your parents are one of the most important people in your life. Make them proud. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Is Rugby safe to play in school?

WALT: Recognize that good writing techniques are universal
Do you play Rugby? Rugby is New Zealand biggest sport,
and many kids play it, but is Rugby safe to play at school?
Schools are starting to ban rugby at school. Do you think
rugby is safe to play in school? 

Rugby is a pretty rough sport. You could get bad injuries
like broken neck or a broken back, but if you have the right
gears you could play rugby in school grounds. Rugby at school
is good because you maybe training for a tournament, or a game.
Rugby in school should be allowed but only You have the right gear. 

Playing Rugby could be good. You never know there could be
people recruiting people to colleges. Plus every kiwi kid’s
dream is to be an all black or a warrior, and it all starts with
school or club.  

Another reason is that kids will love to play rugby. They will
be very excited to play. Kids will always love to play their
favorite sport, and will come back to class happily.  Maybe
that will be the reason why they even come school..

Rugby is a wonderful sport. Playing at school is very fun but
dangerous. It is OK to play rugby at school but as long as you
have your gear, and a ref or a coach. Do you think it's safe to
play rugby at school?

Task Description: In room 4 literacy class we had to right about is rugby safe at school. The class was trying to learn how to persuade people. This writing is not really persuasive but i tried...

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


On Wednesday the September the 11th, room 1 got to look into microscopes. Dr Terry came in with microscope slides and he let us look into it. He had so many things to look at. Dr Terry gave us instructions on how to work it.  It was really fun.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Animal Testing

WALT: Use correct paragraph structure

 Having Animal testing is pretty important. It's like choosing whether a human or an animal should live. Even though animals are cute, playful and they keep you company, humans are worth more because of things such as intelligence, and technology. This essay will tell you why we need animal testing to help us survive.

 If one of your family members are being tortured from an eternal disease would you do everything you could just to keep them alive? If letting a few disgusting rats die meant saving someone's life would you let it happen?

 People disagree with animal testing because the fact that its animals that are getting tortured. They just care for animals and i do too, but animal testing is for humans. Humans obviously need to live. Animal testing is needed for humans to survive.

Fun fact, Humans share most genes with a rat, Humans and rats are warm blooded, and we both are likely to have the same disease, so it would make sense why they test it on rats and mice. They also suffer from things like cancer, Flue, and asthma.

 Animal testing on zebra fish will also probably be good because they could find a cure for unborn or new born babies who are already suffering from bad diseases. Zebra fish are another animal who have so much in common with humans. Zebra fish and humans share roughly 70 percent of the same genes. 

Scientist have been animal testing for a long time now, but although their trying to find cures they still haven't found any yet. That's starting to be a problem because their just killing animals, but they will eventually find some cures. What do you think about animal testing?

Task Description: Room 4 literacy class has had this discussion for 2 weeks now.  We learnt so much about it now and we had to write an essay about our opinion. Everybody had different opinions.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Perimeter, Area, and Volume

WALT: Understand Area, Perimeter, and Volume.
Task description: