Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Kruz Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.
hidden among st the trees in the jungle .Iron man,falcon,iron fist, and black panther were  building a animal house. Batman, Robin,Green lantern, and Superman, were hunting for milk on the farm.

They saw robin wondering around, and also batman was with him.  They were holding 5 buckets.Robin and Batman herd a banging noise.Bang Bang Bang !!!. “what was that’’ said Robin. Robin and Batman Were searching where the sound was coming from. “Follow me and don't make any sounds OK” said Batman.

“Hey you Guys, Stop or I’ll shoot you” said Batman. “When I count to 3 attack” whispered  iron man. “ 1 2 3  Attack !!!!” The marvel team took on Batman and Robin. Then the Dc group came. Bam,bang,boom,poof, they all attacked.

Iron man just remembered Robin with  his silver staff. “Hey !! Tony remember me” said Robin."
“yeah !!’’. So Robin and Iron man broke up the fight. Suddenly They became friends.

Task description: We wrote our own story about a superhero.


  1. Hi Kruz, I enjoyed your story because I am a big fan of superheroes! I liked how you made your text smaller to show that iron man was whispering! How do you think the characters felt when they were attacked?

    Miss Stone, Glenbrae School

    1. Hi Dannie I a big fan of super heroes to. thank you for your question. The characters probably felt nervous to attack there enemies.