Monday, 11 December 2017

Best things in 2017

These are the greatest thing we had in 2017. It was alot off fun this year. I am so looking forward to next year, because Im a year 7.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Incy Wincy Spider animation

This term team four have been working on their animation. we all had 3 options of what we can do. the options were Ole Pepe, Twinkle Twinkle, and Incy Wincy Spider. I hope you like my
Animation :)

Monday, 20 November 2017

cave exploring

Walt: write a detailed narrative from a sentence starter  Walt: use descriptive words to make a narrative more exciting
Once there were 2 boys named Charlie, and Dave. They had one hobby they love to do which was exploring caves. They would do almost anything to go explore caves. Their dad finally gave them the opportunity to go cave exploring.

On One saturday morning they finally got to go to caves. They got their gear for The trip. ¨Bye Dad¨ Charlie said as they walked out the door. 5 minutes later They finally got to their destination. They found the cave they wanted to go in.

BANG BANG! ¨Did You hear That??¨ Dave Nervously said with fear. Of course I did, Charlie Said. They were nervous. The sound sounded like a gunshot but not really. They stand still trying to listen.

Another One But even Louder and his also banged 4 times. BANG BANG BANG BANG. Nobody even  knew what is was. There were so Scared of the

There Was a dark shadow moving from side to side rapidly. There heart dropped Because of the speed  The shadow was moving. They thought no way that's Human or animal. They tried to escape but they were too slow.

The shadow got Closer, The sound got louder. They panicked Screamed. Dave even cried. It got even closer. The sound stopped…  MEOW! It was a Cat. Wow, Charlie said. They both felt relieved. It was so embarrassing for them. They decided to walk home and keep the story a secret. This was a day they will never forget. The End.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Multiplication strategies

Multiplication strategies
Place value strategies for times tables over 10.
Remember to show your working you can do this by writing it in the document or inserting a photo.
Working and answer
12 x 3
10 x 3 = 30
2 x 3 = 6
30 + 6 = 36
22 x 3
20 x 3 = 60
2 x 3 = 6
60 + 6 = 66
45 x 2
40 x 2 = 80
2 x 5 = 10
80 + 10 = 90
44 x 3
40 x 3 = 120
4 x 3 = 12
120 + 12 = 132
55 x 3
50 x 3 = 150
5 x 3 = 15
150 + 15 = 165
17 x 8
10 x 8 = 80
7 x 8 = 56
80 + 56 = 136
18 x 5
10 x 5 = 50
8 x 5 = 40
50 + 40 = 90
51 x 2
50 x 2 = 100
1 x 2 = 2
100 + 2 = 102
36 x 5
30 x 5 = 150
6 x 5 = 30
150 + 30 = 180
29 x 6
20 x 6 = 120
9 x 6 = 54
120 + 54 = 174
37 x 3
30 x 10 = 30
7 x 3 =21
30 + 21 = 51
62 x 2
60 x 2 = 120
2 x 2 = 4
120 + 4 = 124

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Scary Attic

In one spooky halloween night Daddy told me never to go in the attic, but I wanted to see what was always making that weird noise. It kind of sounded like a cow, and I wanted to see the cow, so I opened the attic door and tiptoed up a bit. I didn’t see a cow at all. It was disappointing. and then Daddy yanked me out of the attic and gave me a big big growling. Daddy had never ever gave me a growling like that before, and it made me sad and I cried. Then Daddy told me never to go into the attic ever again, and she gave me a cookie. That made me feel better, so I didn’t ask her why the weird creepy boy in the attic was making weird noises like a cow, or why he had no arms or legs.
Taskdescription: Here is a made up story where on Halloween a boy was making weird cow noises. Oh and he didn't have any arms or legs. I was so excited to see the cow, but instead i saw a weird kid. So dad just pulled me and yell at me for going in there, He also told me not to go in there until 1 am in the morning. It was interesting. Now i Listen to what my dad says because i never know when something like that will happen

Friday, 29 September 2017

Going to Samoa Tomorrow

Hello Blog viewers This blog post is about going to Samoa. Thats right tomorrow Im going to Samoa for the holiday. This is my 2nd time going to Samoa. my family and i have to wake up early in the morning and pack our stuff than leave from home to the airport.

My dad has booked a resort for us for one week. IT'll be fun. I really wish i could blog in Samoa but they do not have any internet  unfortunately i have to buy the internet for a sertent amount of time.

When I get in the hotel resort I am straight to the bed sleeping because i already know Im gonna get tired. every time i go to another country or continent I get tired just because of the long flight. It take 4-3 hours to get to Samoa that might seem short but it is long if you think about it twice.

I think the funnest part of going to Samoa is the resort because we get to play on the pool anytime. Our family will be split in rooms but we need to know who we will be sleeping with.

After one week We pack our bags again and go sleep with our family in Samoa for another 1 week. I cannot wait to see my kind cousin called Henry, and his brothers, damon, and harry. They are so lovely but loud.

Than there are my other cousins the naughty ones. balepa, lordas, and finau. They are naughty but really kind to me. They now can speak English while Henry, damon, and harry can already speak English.

Thanks for reading if you are please comment i will write about my experiance when i come back on sunday, thank you so much.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Free Writing!

Today I reached my one billionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because I am going to prank Lorenzo By smashing his budget car in front of him, and buy him a little toy bike. His reaction will be hilarious.  

Im outside his house but he's not home so i wait for him to get to his House. 2 hours later I'm still waiting behind the car. I finally see him come In his brother's car. I pop out from behind grab the sledgehammer than BOOM!

The car windows i hit first, it scatters everywhere but i don't care so i keep smashing it. It was so smashed that it blowed up. We had to move back. He was so mad he was chasing me around his house.

Boom Boom Boom! The engine popped out and blowed up. I stop and said to Lorenzo ‘Wait I have something for you’ He stopped chasing me I surprised him with a little baby bike. He was so angry he cried, but i didn't care So  i left and went home.

task description: we just had t o do free writing about a youtube video because we pretend we just reached 1 million veiws.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

reflect, Rotate, Translate - Geometry

Stardome trip

On Thursday The year 5 and 6’s Went to stardom. We had to pay 3 dollars. We got there by bus. We have 6 groups , and i was in group 4 with , Jayden, Amelia, Naomi, Rosaleen, and Daniella.

When we first got there we had to wait because we arrived very early, so miss stickland told us to play on their playground to kill time. There was a flying fox, a spider web, and a octopus. I just played on the flying fox because it looked fun. Miss stick-land called us back in.

There was a lady That took us in I don't know what her name was. She Told us to go inside stardom and look at the Creations. It took about 15 - 20 minutes to look at the place it was so amazing. There was a screen That showed all the people that went to the moon.

We went inside this space room, it was dark. We sat down so that the lady Would tell us information about space. After that we had a quiz. When the quiz was done we watched a movie. It was so long i nearly fell asleep.

I learned That You can see jupiter, and saturn at night time. The stars also make images of different things, like maui's hook. All the nights onward I look up and try to see planets.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Creative Writng

Walt: create a piece of writing using my sense Walt: to create a strong plan before I begin my writing. 
Hi My name is kruz it’s the weekend tomorrow. Me and Leonidas are going to camp in the forest for the weekend for fun. We Pack our stuff that we needed, ‘Don't forget the tent’’ I say to Leonidas. So he rushes to get the tent.

I think It's time to go now. So we walk to the nearest forest. 4 minutes later we arrive at the forest. We lay our stuff down and set our tent up. We set the tent up and put all our stuff in it. ‘‘Its getting dark’’ I say. Leonidas agrees. We get in our sleeping bags and rest till the next day.

In the middle of the night i keep hearing creepy sounds. ‘‘Tic Tac’’ I hear but in a creepy voices. I was so scared, and i was the only one awake which is even worse. I tiptoe out side, and flash my flashlight. I see nobody but only hear somebody, It's so weird so i go deeper in the forest. It suddenly gets silent…

I have shivers down my spine, butterflies in my stomach and all sorts of feelings. It gets dark and i see 2 lights. ‘Eyes?’ I think to myself. ‘‘RAAAAA!!’’ Shouted Leonidas. I nearly pooped myself. I nearly died, But he got me good.

I couldn't believe it, He set this up all by himself. At least it wasnt real like a horror movie, It could've ended up worst. After that heart attack we went hunting for food, and we had a good time.


Friday, 18 August 2017

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday, 4 August 2017

catching a space duck

Walt: to summarise information across texts Walt: to be able to explain what we find in space Walt: to be able to give a short definition of what space is

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

guardians of the galaxy writing

on earth there is gonna a big asteroid hitting the earth in 68 hours. That is also the end of the world. So Im gonna leave from earth to saturn to  because i don't want to die.

On The way there I stop at some planets to Get some sleep. I woke up and Started flying again.  We came across a big black spaceship. I was looking for some food and water, so i knocked on the wall, and shouted ‘hello’ Nobody replied but I hear a noise “blurrr” The sound gets louder every time. Suddenly I see ALIENS! They were also pointing their space rifles at me which is even worse.

I had to think quick before the aliens kill me. I just remembered! I can jump thanks to the no gravity. I started to jump… the Aliens Can jump too! I was so scared, I didn't know what to do and if i don't eat i might die. Peuw peuw I hear The aliens started dieing i was confused. I looked behind me and saw a person. She lives of mars she help me get the food.  

“Hi im jessie what are you doing here?” said the girl. “Nothing just looking for a planet to liv on” I said. We met each other then she told me to come to mars. Mars his the safest planet either than earth. '

So She took me to mars, and I liked the environment. There was water and I brought a ton of food. I had fun there but earth was rebuilt and i went back home. THE END

Monday, 3 July 2017

Animation voice over

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain what your chosen technology may look like now. Nower Days It was So Easy We Have Big Nets And Machines to pull the fish and sharks out, and The fishing rod to catch to some small fishes. Instead Of making stuff You can Just Buy It. We Know have way more stronger materials. Some People Have Cruiser ships. Today We Now Use strong stuff. People love to Fish And Catch Big Fishes and sharks, now that we have More Better Stuff. I Love Going fishing Thanks to the person who made fishing tools. Lucky for us we now have big nets and fishing rods that we don't have to make The Fishing Tools. This is The Best Way To Go Fishing If you feel like it. We Can catch big fat large fishes white these fishing tools. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain how your chosen technology has changed over time.IT Took A Lot of time to make a fishing catcher. I call his fishing catching because fishing rods weren't made. In The old days fishing was not easy for them because they needed to have a lot of strength to pull a big shark. They Also Had Smaller Boats So That Means They don't have that much space Or Maybe They Just stand on the shallow And Us THeir Long Hook. Some People Have Cruiser ships. Today We Now Use strong stuff. People love to Fish And Catch Big Fishes and sharks, now that we have More Better Stuff. I Love Going fishing Thanks to the person who made fishing tools. Lucky for us we now have big nets and fishing rods that we don't have to make The Fishing Tools. This is The Best Way To Go Fishing If you feel like it. We Can catch big fat large fishes white these fishing tools.

Moari fishing techniques

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Te Ara Moari Fishing

Kruz traditional growing and gathering

Kruz breaking up times tables

6 x 3
6 x 2 = 12
6 x 1 = 6
12 + 6 = 18

6 x 6
6 x 5 = 30
6 x 1 = 6
30 + 6 =36

7 x 3
7 x 2 = 14
7 x 1 = 7
7 x 14 =21

8 x 3
8 x 2 = 16
8 x 1 = 8
16 + 8 =24

7 x 6
7 x 5 =35
7 x 1 = 7
35 + 7
6 x 8
6 x 5 = 30
6 x 3 = 18
30 + 18 = 48

9 x 3
9 x 2 = 18
9 x 1 = 9
18 + 9 = 27

8 x 7
8 x 5 = 40
8 x 2 = 16
40 + 16 = 56

4 x 6
4 x 5 = 20
4 x 1 = 4
20 + 4 = 24

4 x 9
4 x 5 = 20
4 x 4 = 16
20 + 16 = 36


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Can He Save Him

WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

Once upon a time there was a man named Jack. He works for 12 hours every single day.  He loved this superhero called Spiderman. He didn't know spiderman was bad but he was.

One day at work Jack was minding his own business when Spiderman came wandering in. Jack was so shocked he didn't know Spiderman was real. But little did he know spiderman was bad.

Iron man was looking at them from on top of a building. Iron man saw no good in Spiderman and was worried for Jack. Spider Man was threatening to push Jack off the sky tower. Jack couldn't believe what he saw. He was so scared that he cried out “HELP ME!”

Suddenly Jack just didn't care anymore, he couldn't take it any longer. Spiderman gave Jack a mighty push out the window. Jack was falling down so fast. Iron man came to pick him up. He was going too fast for Iron man to catch him. Iron man had to use all his speed to catch jack.

Jack was going to hit the ground. Iron man just caught him in time. Luckily for Jack he was saved by Iron man just before he was going to hit the ground. Jack was so pleased, he couldn't thank iron man enough.

Spiderman got scared and ran off to his house. Iron man got some food to eat with Jack. The day ended of well with laughing and smiling. Jack and spider man lived happily ever after the end.

Monday, 12 June 2017

kruz whats for dinner

In the evening I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door, and Who Do I see!?!? Pete, and manu from my kitchen rules! What a surprise I didn't know this would happen. They told me to cook 3 dishes tonight. I get all my cooking ingredients to make the perfect dish. I decided to cook spaghetti and meatballs with veg sauce inside.

It was finally 1 minute left and i was already finished. I just waited for the time to pass. When the time hit 0 I was happy. I took the food in the dining room to the judges. We were waiting for them to finish. They said it was delicious, They even said they wanted another one.

I started on my 2nd dish i wanted to make Fries, salad, and some chicken nuggets white garlic sauce on the side. I get started i get some frozen fries that i buyed and chucked them in the oven.  I chuck the nuggets in the oven too. And just buyed the garlic sauce and salad. We finished it. Well the judges were eating it I started on our dessert already.

I was making some milkshakes ice pops. I have made this before and I mastered this dish. I did it in 30 minutes. It was easy. I tasted it and it was yum. I gave the dessert to Pete and manu. They said it was so good.

Friday, 26 May 2017


Walt: Share numbers equally Walt: Solve fraction word problems

Thursday, 25 May 2017

swimming recount

Have You ever swam with your school? While This is a recount of our school swimming weeks. We Got To Swim for 3 weeks non Stop swimming. I loved swimming with my class, because it was fun.

We Swim at 1:45. Before Lunch We Get Our Togs Ready And Then Have Lunch. After That We Got to Play So Miss scanlan Calls Us On The Speaker. At 1:45 We Line Up for Swimming.

The life guards showed us how to get out, and in the pools. We Talked about saftey things to do in places like beaches, and lakes. The life guards were nice to us. They taut us to swim and float.

I think I was Better at the end then the start. It Is Because After the last swimming day for school i went to the pools, and tested out my skills.  We Learned about saftey Stuff every day.

Thank you miss va’afusuaga For making this for us. Also Thank you life guards for teaching us how to swim like a pro.

I now know how to swim. I enjoyed the last day because we got to do frontflips. We also got to float for help. We Know How To do safe things around water places.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Walt: Round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand

Friday, 19 May 2017

Moari rock science

This is a presentation about moari rock science.
These answers and questions were from a book call moari rock science

Friday, 5 May 2017


Week 1 - Decimals Recap Walt: Add and subtract decimals

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Team 4 writing assembly

Hi my name is Kruz. I am A Year ,I go to the school called pt england school. This is a Writing Template about The Immersion assembly. It Might Sound Boring. But Reading this will give you good luck.
We Have It Every Term.

We will be learning about technology. How They were in the old days when they were first invented and how they Changed over the Years Things Like Phones, Tvs, Cars And more stuff like that.

Team 4 will be focusing on what maori used way back then. Now That's Thinking.

We might be looking at some stuff like new stuff in the old days. I Don't know, it might be a surprise. We Never know we might be doing something fun.

I would like to look at what schools looked like in the old years, And how they changed from all the years. Schools has changed because there's more color here than old days.

This Term Will be an excellent term for us. We will Learn All kind of stuff this term.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.22.55 PM.png

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Try Not To...

Try Not To Do These Things. Thats All Its Pretty Hard.

Watching Fast 8 With my dad

Last Night Me And My Dad Went To Hoyts To Watch Some Fast And Furious 8
It Was a Fun Night

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sky tower run.

On Saturday march the 13 Miss Parrants cousin called Julie had t participate in a sky tower run. She had to run with her firefighter cloths witch his so heavy, and also run all the way to top of the sky tower!The people who did it had to Run on 1103 stairs and 51 floors!Julie did this because she was raising money for the People with cancer.Julie was running for this one kid.Before the run she had to train and practise this on stairs. Miss Parrant showed us this video about the sky tower run. The video had some people talking about it, And also showing us facts about it. The man on the video looked like he was going to give up. But he was trying his best. I would never do this because i think i would faint.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

kruz extreme entertainment day

Today april the 15th me and my auntie went to extreme entertainment. But first we went to mcdonalds. We had a little feed there then we went to extreme. So as soon as we finished eating we ran the the extreme place. We asked the lady if we can play in the arcade and she said yes. But extreme entertainment is so much different to the amf bowling place at panmure because instead of amf coins to play on the games we have cards. We had the green card which means we can play the games that have a green light. There is different colors on different games but we had to go on the games that had a green light. The lady was so nice she even said we were allowed to play one blue light color which was awesome. The first One we did was a blue one. It was a crazy game.  it was a car ride. It was so bad. It was like inside of a car thing. So we hopped inside of it. It had seat belts so we put our seat belt on. The first second after we put our seat belts on the car started shaking, and shaking. There was a screen in front of us which was the thing that made us move. It was like we were in a real car because the car was shaking and the screen showed something that was realistic. The screen showed someone driving and it was us. We got so dizzy after that his was like a roller coaster ride but moving in the same spot.
So The next game we played was a motorcycle race it was two players. So me and my auntie were those two player. We were battling each other in a race competition.

It was Amazing. We were turning, stunting, and more things. I came first which means i beat her but my auntie came 2nd witch was pretty close.

next was this realistic shooting game it look so real. My auntie keeps beating me. its different to black ops it was because we were in teams. It looked like this It was epic This game was better about aiming. The Game was super easy because all you have to do was shoot my auntie and i had battles and she kept winning.Image result for arcade time crisis

This other game was called guitar hero and it was a guitar game it was a 2 payer game but the other guitar didn't work. so my auntie let me play it i sucked at it because it was so hard. Plus everybody was looking at me playing witch was really awkward and embarrassing.

Image result for arcade hockey gameSo this other game was a hockey game kind of i think you've played it.

These were the games we played at the arcade than we played bowling. It was tough my auntie was like a pro.