Wednesday, 23 September 2015



INTRODUCTION:A volcanologist is a job that everyone would like to be.Some people don't know what this job is.  The job is very rewarding because the volcanologists helps people from getting burnt.

A volcanologist studies volcanoes.They fly drones on top of the volcanoes. sometimes the there are flaming rocks falling on the hill. The volcanologist people collect rocks to find out what's it  made out of and measuring how big it is. In the rocks there is magma. The magma pushes the rock and the pressure is too strong so the rock blows up.

Volcanologists wear anything depending on where they are.They always wear sturdy boots when they go field  working, and they wear safety clothes. When they are in the lab they wear a big white coat.
When they are in the volcano they wear a heavy helmet and heavy boots and heavy gloves so the fire doesn’t burn or melt them. The clothes are very very protective.

HOW DO YOU BECOME A VOLCANOLOGIST? A volcanologist is a really smart person.They know what to do when there are near the volcano

WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE?you need to be good at science because their is a science lab for doing science in there.

CONCLUSION:I don't want to be a volcanologist when I grow up.I think it is too scary for me and a dangerous job to do.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

kruz cross country

On Monday pt England school had cross country. At the starting line I was feeling nervous and I was jittery. When I heard the snap noise I sprinted off and was jogging until I was tired.

In the middle of the race I was gasping for breath. I started to walk. Suddenly I realised was going to be in last place so I was sprinting. All the teachers were cheering for me while I was running “Go Kruz!”.

After a while I was nearly there. I had a sprint for the finish and at the end I heard loud cheering.After the race I went and had a cup of water. I sat down and talked and I was cheering for other people.

Friday, 11 September 2015



                   We read a story called who did it. Karaka had to draw a house map and this is mine.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

firemen david

On Friday we met a real fireman his name was David. He came to tell us how to be a fireman and what to do in a fire.

He told us that he gets paid to sleep all day. The fire truck is like a tool  box on wheels. When they go to a fire it is very dark. Fireman David had to pass a rat's maze test to be a firefighter he had  to put on a mask. When he puts on the mask it is very hot it is 600x hot. The test is really hard for fireman because David said some people stop in the middle of the test and they take their mask off. David also had to run up and down the stairs with his daughter on his back. They wear a brown jacket and a red helmet there is a light on the mask.

Fireman David told us that smoke comes from the alarm. So the smoke goes up and it spreads around the house. When the firefighters go into the house they crawl and they find the fire but first they put on the mask. They get water and splash it on the fire.

When we got to ask questions Fireman David said that if you want to be a firefighter then you'd have to pass the rat test. If you pass every test David said you can be a firefighter. 

Listening to David helped me to understand how to be a fireman.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

my job in the future

Rugby Player
I would play rugby
I have to go to different countries
I have to be strong
I have to tackle
I get tries
I have to be fit
I need rugby boots
I need a rugby jersey
I need a ball
I need rugby shorts
I need rugby socks
I have to be the best player to earn money
I need to kick the ball
I need a mouth guard
My aspiration for the future is to be a rugby player. Rugby is a very rough sport so being a rugby player is a difficult job. The rugby players scores tries for their team. every time they score they get 5 points. Sometimes they get injured and it looks like it hurts a lot. They go around the world and compete against other countries' rugby teams.

A rugby player wears clothes to help protect them when they play. They would have to wear rugby cloths and a mouth guard for this job. They wear a cool jersey and cool shorts. Every single rugby player in a team wears the same cloths.

To be a rugby player you have to have certain characteristic. The rugby players have to be fit and strong because they tackle and it hurts but for real rugby players it does not hurt for them. Rugby players don't cry when they get injured because because they are strong.Rugby players has to play as a team because they will lose if they don't play as a team.My favorite rugby player would be the Richiemccaw. rugby is a cool job for me.