Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Diary of a wild boy

WALT: Use prior knowledge along with information in the text to interpret abstract ideas and themes.
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How to prevent yourself from getting sick

WALT: Use present tense throughout our writing
Use self and peer assessment to edit our writing

Its nearly spring, and people always get sick, so here are some ways to prevent yourself from being sick. In spring there are many sports being played, and some events being held and other stuff.

If you are playing a sport or something you should always drink water to keep yourself well. If you don't have havent drank any fluid especially when playing sports you will be dehydrated, and get sick. It will also cause vomiting, which you don't want. So keep drinking (:

What’s another way you can prevent yourself from getting sick? Well Getting a good sleep will. For example When you play games on a school night all night your brain will be exhausted, and tired. You will not learn anything, and get a headache. I have done this before, and it didn't go well I slept at 1 o'clock playing games and in the morning I was so sleepy, and got in trouble from the teacher a lot haha. So don't do this.

You could also wash your hands before every meal you have so you, and your food will not be dirty after all the dirty stuff you have done, and touched. If you don't wash your hands, and you touch your food, than your food will be so dirty, and you will eat some of the dirt you have touched in the past.

If you can do this everyday you will be healthy, and safe. Your body will be good as new. I guarantee that. I always do this, You should too. Thank you for watching I hope you like it. 
Here are ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. By kruz

Friday, 9 February 2018

What effect does rubbish have on NZ?

Walt: learning what effect the rubbish has to our environment.
Task description: This is a presentation about what does rubbish do to our environment. This presentation that we bring you is created my Kruz, Fredrick, and also Tevarihi. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

scary story

Once upon a time there were 2 boys named Jake,
 and Logan were going out for trick or treating.
 Their favourite time of the year was Halloween.
 They would always talk about Halloween.
 One night it was finally Halloween time. Jake dressed up as skeleton,
 and Logan dressed up as a ghost.
In about the first 5 minutes they managed to get their bags filled up. That's insane.
 Jake said “let go to our last house” Logan agreed.
 So they went looking around for the best house.
 They finally got to a house that has decorations, and scary noises.
Knock Knock! Jake knocked on the door… A guy comes in with a smile on his face.
He looked like he was in his late 40’s. “Hey come in the candy’s inside”
The man said in a creepy voice. “Its ok we’ll pass” Logan said nicely.
Jake, and Logan tip toed out of the deck, and ran, home. They finally reached home,
 and gather all the candy.
 They heard a knock on the door. Bang Bang!!.
 Jake peeked through the blinds until they saw a man in a black hoodie staring straight at Logan,
and then the most disturbing scream that Logan has ever heard.
 “AAHHHH!!” Jake was being dragged. It was so scary Logan decided
 to call the police.
 “Ahh hey whats your emergency” the police officer said. “COME NOW” Logan Shouted. Logan hanged up. In about a few minutes they heard a siren. It was totally the police.
Jake was still being dragged through the backdoor.
The police got out of the car, and ran to the kidnapper and handcuffed him.
It was the same guy as the guy who wants them to come on the house.
 From that moment on They have never heard of him ever… The end

Legandary ways to save money

How to save money

How do I save money? Did you know that you can save your money by
charging your phone at day time. What I mean is that if you charge you phone
at night by the time you sleep for one hour it is already fully charged,and after
all you are just wasting power, and money.

I can save money by buying things that I actually need,
rather than buying like a ps4 or something. For an example.
Your parents give you money to buy some corn for dinner, but you have change.
You wanna spend the spar money on some yum lollies you see,
Your parents only told you to buy corn.

Another good way to save money is the cheaper things.
There are all kinds of bread at
pak’n save like wheat bread, and white bread. Wheat bread is 3 dollars,
and white bread is 2 dollars and 50 cents. Which one would you buy?
I would wanna buy the white bread because its cheaper,
and it taste similar to wheat bread too.

If you wanna get money you can sell thing that you don't really need or want.
When you have selled all of the things you wanted to sell, you can save the money,
and get more money too. Everything will be easier at better.

When you have saved enough money, and been buying some pretty cheap stuff.
you can finally buy something that you finally wanted,
and that you have been begging your parents to buy for years.
Keep doing this and you will have hundreds of dollars I promise.