Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Task Description: In room 1 we had to do a presentation about an octopus.
 We watched a ted video where a guy was talking all about octopuses. We gathered
 all our ideas we could get from that video and make a blog post. 
We learnt so many things. 

Friday, 9 August 2019


WALT: Understand what Area and Perimeter is.

Task Description: In room 3 math we learnt the area and perimeter.
We got given a presentation to complete. We also had some fun time tables
while we were at it.

The Web Of Life

Walt: find out what the web of life means

Task Description: This is my poster about The Web of Life. For Science/Inquiry
we watched a video that told us about The Web or Life. We then got Ideas
and took those Ideas into a presentation. The web of life is how everything
Came to what it is today.


Aliens are what people believe to be another kind of human. Some people think that aliens exist
and some people don't. Scientists are still trying to see if aliens could or do exist by researching
new planets that are able to have life on it. 

A Lot of people believe that aliens exist because of all the videos of sightings of ufos of an alien.
Those videos are able to persuade them into thinking they are real by making them look realistic.
People also think aliens exist because the place area 51. It is said that area 51 is a place where the
military test their new weapons on. 

On the other hand people believe that they don't exist because either they are non believers, or they
Don’t believe because there's no proof. Aliens seem really fake so I can understand why they don't

believe they aren’t real.

Yes scientists still haven't proved that aliens are real but there are still searching. If there are more
than 30 billion planets there definitely should be life on at least one of them. I believe aliens
aren't real but I think there can be life on other planets.

Everybody is talking about it around the world. On the day September the 20th
There is a thing where 1 million people are going to rush or storm area 51. The reason
why is because people think that the government is hiding aliens and that's why they are
being so strict about area 51. I don't really think that its real but it seems real for some reason.
They even have a plan. I find the subject aliens are very interesting. Do you believe Aliens are real?