Thursday, 29 March 2018

Attitude Talk.

Today Someone from Attitude Talks called Toni came to talk to us, Year 7/8. He came to talk about who we are. He gave us tips on how to get a good future, and make good choices. When you make good choices today you can become anything.

Toni gave us 4 animals with different types of personalities, Otter - Clown, Lion - Leader, Golden retriever  - Peace maker, and Beaver - Hard worker and weaknesses. Witch one are you? I think that im a golden retriever.

A Golden Retriever person are people who wants everything peace. They are very nice people, but maybe a little too nice. They are to scared to say no. Attitude talk was so cool

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Scrambled sentences.

WALT: to respond to and take a stance on social issues in a text
Task Description: Today the 22nd of april Room 2 had to try and unscramble
these following words. This was pretty easy for me. Miss Tapuke also
Put a video for the rubbish/trash that is in Hawaii. Styrofoam is all around
Hawaii. Hawaii Has the most Styrofoam. Thank you

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Making logos

This is a logo that we made at tech

letter to Pak n Save

130 Pt England Road.
Glen Innes: Pt england school.

Tena koe Pak n save manger

My name is Kruz, and i'm a year 7 at pt England school. I love Pak n Save, its one of my favourite
supermarket. I am writing this letter to describe why plastic bags should be banned.
I believe that It is a pleasure that you give plastic bags, but customers are polluting New Zealand with
plastic bags.

Everywhere I go I see Pak n save plastic bags. I think it was be better to give some other kind of bags.
The plastic bags are murdering our native animals, and our environment. Some days There are even
plastic bags on top of my house! That is so not cool. So if you would can please ban plastic bags it would
be very nice. Thank you.

From Kruz

Friday, 2 March 2018

How does the weather changes our mood?

Do you get angry on a hot sunny day? I Always get tired on a summer day playing sports outside,.
The weather always changes our mood. For example if I get too hot, I will not be happy, and be grumpy.
These are how our bodies feel different ways, in different weather.

Everybody Gets mad when it's summer, because Our bodies feel tired,
and we won't have much energy. When it's extremely hot I feel so sleepy, and I need a drink but I
feel too lazy to get one. When your so hot your body shuts down, especially when your play some
sports you get Angus, and mad so drink water.

Another weather that changes our mood is the rain. The rain always keeps us calm, and peaceful.
I especially love heavy rain. I do not know how the rain makes us tired. I think that when it hits the
ground it makes a pleasant sound, and makes me drowsy. Sometimes when it's a rainy day I feel
sad because I just wanna play outside, but I just play on my game, and listen to the rain.

I love the sound of the storm, It makes me frighten sometimes The storm is loud, and it's dangerous.
Even though I expect it I still get frighten. My brother gets elevated when the storm pounds something,
and it makes a “BANG” noise. The storm He Is my favourite weather.

What weather changes your mood? The weather changes every single day, sometimes it rains when the
sun his out! Hats crazy. The worst weather that changes my mood is the rain.