Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Have you ever been to space ever in your life? well in one universe there were two twins named Freddy, and Jacob. They both loved space, They dreamed of going to space. They both would fight over who likes space better.

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Kruz Writing - Narrative

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Kruz last rugby game

Once there was a boy named Kruz. It was the last rugby game of the year. The game’s start’s at 10:15. So all the teams are getting ready.

On a sunny Saturday morning,the sun was showing and the flowers were growing. Me and my dad were getting changed and ready. I got jersey’s and shorts. I had some neutral grains for breakfast. We went in the car and,  off we went .

Me and my dad arrived at the rugby field, it was small. More players were arriving too. So our team was all set for the big game. We were versing ponsonby.

Suddenly the game started. I was feeling quite nervous. BEEP!!! The ref blowed the whistle. We kicked the ball off boof! The ball went up high and down low.

I catched the ball, and I nearly dropped it. Boom boom ! I stepped the crowed clapped. I was running my fastest. I got to the try line and boom I scored.

It was half time my dad was proud of me. So the 2nd half started 20 minutes later… I scored 3 tries. After the game I had some ice cream and I fell asleep