Wednesday, 26 September 2018

DiMIC - New Nikes - Percent

WALT: use questions to help my understanding of other's mathematical thinking
Task Description: We had to work these our in percentages.

24 Hour Time Math.

WALT: use questions to help my understanding of other's mathematical thinking

Task Description: At math class we had to work out the 24 hour time.
Me, Javan, Siokita, Viliam, and Kurtas Figured these questions out, and
reform them in 24 hour time.

Cross Country

 WALT: to write a recount
Have you ever run 3km? Well last Friday me and my school
did cross country. Cross Country is a event that we do every
year. It is the scariest event I’ve ever done. Cross country was
not easy. Everybody got nervous on the day. I have always
been scared of cross country for no reason all we are doing
is just running.So when we had to get changed I got so nervous,
I didn’t even want to run. So as we walked down to the courts
I heard some music, and everyone was just shouting.
About 20 minutes later the event got to the year 7 girls.
I was thinking “wow that was so fast.”

As Mrs Nua told us to stand I felt like I was gonna die for some
reason. So as we lined up across the starting line Mr. Burt said
get set. Then as Mr Burt clapped everybody started and I just
see everybody sprinting for some reason. I started sprinting
because If I would have been jogging I would come last. When
I got to the muddy part through the gate I got tired because I had
to pull my legs right out.In the middle of the race I was out of breath
so fast. I thought it would be easy, but it was not. I had thought of a
tactic, it was to just take little steps that were neither too fast, nor too
slow. As we got to the second lap a lot of people people were getting past me.
I did not let them get any further than me so I started to sprint for a little while.
As soon as I got about 10 metres past them, I start to walk for a short
extent of time, and then we are nearly at the finish line.

I got past the gate and my uncle told me to sprint to the
finish line, So when I got past the gate ran my hardest
even though I was so exhausted. So as I ran I can see
from the corner of my eye that it looked like Jaylim, my
friend was sprinting for his life. I tried to keep up the
sprint but I couldn't go any further. I felt like my legs
were about to break, So, I started to slow down as
I got closer to the finish line and when I finally got to
the finish line Jaylim came at the same time as I did.

After that I Walked over to grab a water bottle.
I felt so good after that 3km race. I laid down
on the grass to rest. Then Mrs. Tele’a said that
that was the fastest cross country we have ever done.
I thought to myself “That took so long” but It was actually pretty fast.

Task Description: Last Friday we had our school cross country. We had to recount was we did, or felt at cross country.