Friday, 9 September 2016

Sports Drinks - What are they

Walt: think critically about information.


  1. Hi there Kruz,

    I really like the way that you added lot's of details about why sports drinks are so important to us to take and what is contained inside each water bottle.

    Keep up the outstanding work to a high standard and I look forward to your next amazing work. You need to try and work on making your writing bigger so the Audience can see your writing more clearly.

    From Roimata Ru.

  2. Hi Kruz. I really like the way you talked about sport drinks. You added a lot of details. Yes sports drinks does get you pumped up. Outstanding work Kruz. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Kruz! I love the way you put in the photos of sports drink, I also really like the way you described the facts about the drinks! Keep up with the good work Kruz!
    - Vinolia

  4. Hi Krus!
    This is so cool to be reading about drinks for sports because I play netball and sometimes I dont know what drink I should drink so I just drink water.
    I hope I can read more about your stories.

  5. Hey Kruz!
    It's your friend Nytram.
    I really like how wrote this with correct spelling and make sure that it make sense. I really like sports drinks but keep up work buddy. By Nytram.


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