Friday, 18 November 2016

Kruz jingle

My product is fab. It is a washing powder for the laundry. I picked this product because I use it at home, and it clean’s my clothes perfectly. I made a my jingle to this Product.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kruz Motat writing

Walt: write a narrative
Once a school called Pt England school Year Fives had a trip to motat. Pt England School were learning science things like mixing stuff together and what it ends up with. They were very into science stuff. They were so excited for the trip.

On one rainy tuesday Pt england were chatting to each other waiting for the special trip. They got into the bus, and sang loud. Everyone sang as soon as the bus was driving. We sang until we got to Motat.

They arrived at Motat. The year 5 kids got into their groups. They had morning tea. They explored heaps during the time they had. We had a lot of fun.  But when they left Kruz was still there. Kruz was crying but quietly. He didn't want the staff to hear

It was a dark dark night. So the staff left, and Kruz was alone he was so scared. He went in the village where all the old houses are. They were creepy dolls, and creepy manequins. He chucked both of them out of the house. Finally he got some sleep.

Suddenly He woke up. The staff saw him. They took him home.