Friday, 15 May 2015

kruz marshmallow writing

In a cloudy dark starless night there was a boy called Jimmy. He was camping on a  clearing spot. Jimmy was in a fire with orange glow wisps smoke.

“What is that noise?”  Jimmy's said to himself. He could hear a strange noise and it sounded like a somebody walking. He looked back and saw a slimy green monster with spiky  and sharp teeth and shiny yellow eyes

Jimmy jumped. He got out his stick and used it as a sword. Suddenly as fast lightning and before Jimmy could blink  the monster gobbled the marshmallow. He got out another one and the monster did some tricks and transformed into acting like a silly dog.The monster he jumped and rolled on his back to get more marshmallows.

Jimmy was feeling around the marshmallow bag and he gasped because Jimmy knew that was the last one.The sea monster slurped the marshmallow and slime went on Jimmy's arm.

The sea monster waited expectantly for the next marshmallow.The monster reverted back into a sea evil monster when he realized that was the last marshmallow. 

Jimmy ran quickly into the tent he grabbed his pillow and he tried to block himself. The monster reverted one more time into a nice monster. The monster saw the pillow and was in marshmallow heaven.The monster went to the fire to try roast it and then the pillow turned in to ashes. The monster was very very sad.

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