Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kruz Fia Fia

Have you ever seen a FiaFia event? Pt England School had their very own FiaFia, Every one came and watched us. All the performers were really nervous before they dance. They were stalls that were selling food, and drinks. My family was also selling stuff

FiaFia is when all the kids at Pt England School has a big big performance. We had FiaFia on Thursday The 7th of April. In the past we did FiaFia in the hall but this time we always dance on the big stage with the big light on the big field.

I was in the senior Samoan group. Before FiaFia we got to pick 3 choice to be in. My first choice was Samoa because that his my cult a. We have been practicing for 6 or 5 weeks. But The Samoan boys had to wear a lava lava and no t-shirt.

While I was watching the groups dancing, I chose my favorite group, my favorite group was the middle school hip hop. I like the middle school hip hop because it has very cool songs and dance moves. But i also like all the other groups.

Before the senior Samoan group danced was feeling really nervous and cold. I have never danced without a t-shirt on FiaFia before.But when i was dancing I felt better.

Task description: Pt England School had FiaFia on april the 7th. Room 11 had to write about it.

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  1. Hey Kruz, What a good post about Fia Fia. I hope you had fun, Because I did. I had fun dancing and representing my culture. Anyways good blog posting and keep up the great work Kruz.