Tuesday, 15 September 2015

kruz cross country

On Monday pt England school had cross country. At the starting line I was feeling nervous and I was jittery. When I heard the snap noise I sprinted off and was jogging until I was tired.

In the middle of the race I was gasping for breath. I started to walk. Suddenly I realised was going to be in last place so I was sprinting. All the teachers were cheering for me while I was running “Go Kruz!”.

After a while I was nearly there. I had a sprint for the finish and at the end I heard loud cheering.After the race I went and had a cup of water. I sat down and talked and I was cheering for other people.

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  1. Hey Kruz,
    It's good to hear that you tried your best at the Cross Country. I am so proud of you, I also like your post Kruz Ka Pai. Wow this story is unexpected to me because you are using words that are interesting anyways Keep up the work and keep going

    From your sis Rowana