Thursday, 6 August 2015

The firefighters

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The firefighters have an important job. They save people and animals in their job. The firefighter has a ladder,a hose outside the fire engine ,and a  2nd ladder on top of the 1st ladder so they can climb high to help people and animals from a high place.

          What does a firefighter do?
Firefighters put out fires as well with the hose but they have to work hard to be a firefighter.The firefighters have to be strong because there is heavy stuff firefighters have to lift.
They have a machine to open a car for when a person is stuck inside the car. When kids go to the
fire station firefighters educate them .

           What do firefighters wear?

The gear they wear is a fireproof suit,a yellow helmet, and long pants,and some gumboots. The fireproof suit is not flammable so the fireproof suit doesn't burn on fire.The fire fighters wear gloves to protect their hands from getting on fire. Firefighters needs a mask to breath inside the flames

            Fire fighter characteristics

The firefighters have to be a team player because  if you go to save someone by yourself you won't be safe. All firefighters have to be fire smart  so they know how to save people in the right time. They become a firefighter because they are strong and well trained. Firefighters need to be strong and brave because when somebody crashes the firefighters lift the person out of the car if they are hurt.

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