Thursday, 10 September 2015

firemen david

On Friday we met a real fireman his name was David. He came to tell us how to be a fireman and what to do in a fire.

He told us that he gets paid to sleep all day. The fire truck is like a tool  box on wheels. When they go to a fire it is very dark. Fireman David had to pass a rat's maze test to be a firefighter he had  to put on a mask. When he puts on the mask it is very hot it is 600x hot. The test is really hard for fireman because David said some people stop in the middle of the test and they take their mask off. David also had to run up and down the stairs with his daughter on his back. They wear a brown jacket and a red helmet there is a light on the mask.

Fireman David told us that smoke comes from the alarm. So the smoke goes up and it spreads around the house. When the firefighters go into the house they crawl and they find the fire but first they put on the mask. They get water and splash it on the fire.

When we got to ask questions Fireman David said that if you want to be a firefighter then you'd have to pass the rat test. If you pass every test David said you can be a firefighter. 

Listening to David helped me to understand how to be a fireman.

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