Wednesday, 9 December 2015

museum trip

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On a nice sunny Friday year 4 went to the Auckland Museum. We went to the museum to look at the special stuff. right before we went to sort out the groups .

When the bus arrived we all went on the bus. Then we went there I sat next to Lorenzo, and De Niro. We all sang a song on the bus.

Suddenly we arrived at the museum !!!. We had a list of things we had to find. First we had to go to a classroom.
We got to touch stuff that are from the tyrannosaurus Rex and the triceratops. We had group 1, group 2, and group 3 and I was in group 2. We touched a t-rex's head.
that was huge. It was time to touch the triceratops. Group 2 was touching a piece of skin and horns.

It was lunch time and we were all playing touch. After that everyone got to do rolly pollys down the long long hill with rubbish bags. The bus arrived again and it was time to go back to school.

At school we got to sleep and watch kid snippets till the home time bell rings. After a while the bell rang to got home and I told my mum and dad.


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