Friday, 18 March 2016

kruz Little Red riding hood - twist

Walt: retell a story
Start Writing here: Once there was a little red wolf. She was a nice girl.She lived in the woods alone,and She had no parents. The little wolf’s bed was a big bush.The little wolf's favorite thing to do was pick some apple from the tree.

On a sunny morning the little wolf woke up from her beauty sleep. She brushed her teeth,and showered.Right after those thing she decided to pick all of the fresh apple from the tree. So off she went. Little red wolf grabbed a ladder from her shed had dragged it to her trees.

She had a couple of apples.Suddenly The Big Bad Grandma came. The little red wolf lover grandma,but grandma always acts like she love her to. grand ma tricked little red wolf into taking a break.Little red wolf went fast asleep in her room while big bad grandma were stealing all of her apple.

The little red wolf slept for a while.1 hour later she woke up,she went outside and all of the apples were gone.She remembered what happened before she took a nap. Little red wolf rode her bike to grandma house.She knocked on the the door as hard as she can. The door opened it self,and little red wolf ran to the kitchen and she saw the apples. She took then and grandma saw her,grandma chased her to little red wolves house. Little red wolf decided to do something fair instead of fighting over it.she thought of  sharing the apple. So they shared the apple.

                              THE END

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