Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Term 2 Assembly writing

Have you ever studied comics before. Well  Team 4 have been studying comics this term. At pt England school every term we do topics.

The topic was as i see it.In team 1 they were talking about all the teachers favorite things. All the other team were doing similar things to art,and seasons, and boats.

Team 4’s topic is about comic books. This topic his sequential art, and sequential art is telling stories white art. Back in the day cave people drew their stories on the wall. Team 4 teachers made a video about the teacher vergers. All the teacher were dressed up as a superhero,like the Avengers.There was a villain called Bear Baxindine.

This Term I hope we can watch or draw comic books. I really like drawing villains and superheros because
comic books are my favorite thing to draw.

I love comic books.So this term his my favorite term yet.I am so looking forward to the term.

Task Description: Room 10 literacy wrote about this terms topic and comic was 
really fun writing this because I love comic books.

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