Friday, 10 June 2016

kruz Avengers Assemble!

Hidden amongst the buildings,Spiderman,Hulk,and Thor were fighting some crime. They were a lot of crime to fight. Some crimes were robots. Other crimes were giants.

Only the baddest crime could be doctor doom's evilness. spiderman,hulk,and thor could not handle him. Captain america and ironman got a voice message from doctor doom “HaHaHa I've got your friends now.

Doctor doom cursed! Captain america and ironman. Now Fight, Bamm!! Iron Man punched captain america. Captain america and ironman had the same strength they are both trying to push each other.

“Tony,steve stop” said Spiderman,Hulk,and Thor. “I know who would do this ” thor said loudly “doctor doom” They all shouted. So Spiderman,Hulk,and Thor were searching for doctor doom . “Found him”said hulk. He ran away Thor and hulk Just grabbed.Hammered and destroyed him.

“Reverse the curse or else you will get it” Said spiderman. So Doctor doom reversed it. Captain america and ironman stop fight then they both fell. When they woke up they were in the hospital.

The End

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