Thursday, 23 February 2017

Kruz' shot Recount writing about the marshmallow challenge

Today on Tuesday Room 8 Did a marshmallow tower challenge. The game included 25 spaghetti sticks,91 cm of tape, and 1 marshmallow. We only had time to build for 20 minutes.

The rules were pretty simple. We had to build the tower as high as we can. We had to have two to four partners. My partners were Ezra  and Morpheous. During the challenge I had a plan, to stick 5 spaghetti on each side of the marshmallow and make it stand.

It took about 5 minutes to get it standing.  We waited  because we had no idea what else to do. We thought we would win because no one else was stacked but us. 10 minutes later we saw another group white two layers stacked. They were higher than us, we couldn't make it any higher.

The game finished, and We came second. But it was worth the time. For my next strategy I will tape the sticks on to a another stick than the marshmallow.

This is a recount writing of what we did on Tuesday And don't only comment on my check out my blog go to my partners/friends blog and comment. 

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