Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Kruz 2017 Year 5 and six camp

On Wednesday 7th of march Pt England’s year five and six had a camp  They only stayed at school for three days of camp. The camp was for every year 5 and 6 who had paid and sign the notices.

It was with the whole team 4 that did the cool activities, we got to do it for three days!. Where we slept was on the school field but with big tents, why we did it? because we didn’t have any camp. Thank you mrs Burt he was the one who started this camp 21 years ago.

My favorite activity was when we got to play table tennis, and basketball, skate, And the best jump on the tramp on to the high jump mat. Basically it was free time in the hall. That was my personal favorite.

Thank you parent helper,youth town, kid helpers , and the people who make food for us for making us have a good camp. We had so much fun because of you.From all the good times we had at camp the last activity was swimming at mangere pools

After that we came back to school,got our bags from our tents and came to the hall. When then arrived to the school hall waited for our parents to come pick us up. Finally my dad came but I didn't want to go home because all the fun I had. I wanted to stay at camp for a little bit more days.

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