Thursday, 25 May 2017

swimming recount

Have You ever swam with your school? While This is a recount of our school swimming weeks. We Got To Swim for 3 weeks non Stop swimming. I loved swimming with my class, because it was fun.

We Swim at 1:45. Before Lunch We Get Our Togs Ready And Then Have Lunch. After That We Got to Play So Miss scanlan Calls Us On The Speaker. At 1:45 We Line Up for Swimming.

The life guards showed us how to get out, and in the pools. We Talked about saftey things to do in places like beaches, and lakes. The life guards were nice to us. They taut us to swim and float.

I think I was Better at the end then the start. It Is Because After the last swimming day for school i went to the pools, and tested out my skills.  We Learned about saftey Stuff every day.

Thank you miss va’afusuaga For making this for us. Also Thank you life guards for teaching us how to swim like a pro.

I now know how to swim. I enjoyed the last day because we got to do frontflips. We also got to float for help. We Know How To do safe things around water places.

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