Monday, 20 November 2017

cave exploring

Walt: write a detailed narrative from a sentence starter  Walt: use descriptive words to make a narrative more exciting
Once there were 2 boys named Charlie, and Dave. They had one hobby they love to do which was exploring caves. They would do almost anything to go explore caves. Their dad finally gave them the opportunity to go cave exploring.

On One saturday morning they finally got to go to caves. They got their gear for The trip. ¨Bye Dad¨ Charlie said as they walked out the door. 5 minutes later They finally got to their destination. They found the cave they wanted to go in.

BANG BANG! ¨Did You hear That??¨ Dave Nervously said with fear. Of course I did, Charlie Said. They were nervous. The sound sounded like a gunshot but not really. They stand still trying to listen.

Another One But even Louder and his also banged 4 times. BANG BANG BANG BANG. Nobody even  knew what is was. There were so Scared of the

There Was a dark shadow moving from side to side rapidly. There heart dropped Because of the speed  The shadow was moving. They thought no way that's Human or animal. They tried to escape but they were too slow.

The shadow got Closer, The sound got louder. They panicked Screamed. Dave even cried. It got even closer. The sound stopped…  MEOW! It was a Cat. Wow, Charlie said. They both felt relieved. It was so embarrassing for them. They decided to walk home and keep the story a secret. This was a day they will never forget. The End.

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