Thursday, 15 March 2018

letter to Pak n Save

130 Pt England Road.
Glen Innes: Pt england school.

Tena koe Pak n save manger

My name is Kruz, and i'm a year 7 at pt England school. I love Pak n Save, its one of my favourite
supermarket. I am writing this letter to describe why plastic bags should be banned.
I believe that It is a pleasure that you give plastic bags, but customers are polluting New Zealand with
plastic bags.

Everywhere I go I see Pak n save plastic bags. I think it was be better to give some other kind of bags.
The plastic bags are murdering our native animals, and our environment. Some days There are even
plastic bags on top of my house! That is so not cool. So if you would can please ban plastic bags it would
be very nice. Thank you.

From Kruz

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