Monday, 29 October 2018

What makes a good leader?

Would you wanna be a good leader? Well this is a writing about
what leaders are. The definition of leader is a boss, or a captain
of something.

To become a leader you have to train hard, and work hard
because being a leader is a very tough job. You have to
take charge of other people.

Being a leader means explaining and upstanding and setting
an example for everyone. Leaders also mean that they tell
you the good decisions and empowers you to grow a good
feeling of life.

If your a leader than the best thing to do is just set an
example for other people, like showing them the way.
Also you have to learn from your mistakes.

This will hopefully help anyone to become a good leader.
I am not one but one day I will. Are you a good leader?

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  1. Kia ora Kruz your writing is about what makes a good leader and you did a good job explain it to other people. And probably one day somebody reads your writing and gets inspired and then they become a leader thank you for your writing


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