Monday, 1 July 2019

Minecraft Information Report

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks, removing blocks, and going on adventures. It was made by Markus Persson. Minecraft was also made Minecraft is also a multiplayer game which means you can play with anyone around the world. In Minecraft there are two different modes Creative, and Survival.

In Survival you have to Try survive day and night. Survival mode is one of the main game modes in Minecraft. You have to make amour, and weapons to help you survive longer. Players must collect resources, build bases, Fight monsters, eat, and explore the world and survive. There are no levels, or points. It can be played by one to twenty players! You can play for as long as you want day and night, Rain or shine. It is like starting life from scratch because you need materials to make something good. The aim of the game is to clock it by going to the ender portal and defeat the ender dragon and just survive.

Well in creative it is a whole different story. In creative instead of having to make stuff get another thing you can get anything you want straight off the bat. You also do not take any damage. Mobs will still spawn, but won't attack you. Creative mode is mostly made for people who want to free build, and build massive structures without having to worry about anything getting in your way. This will also make you have an ability to fly by double jumping.

 Overall Minecraft is a fantastic game. You should try it. It may of died but it is still fun to play with family, and friends.

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