Thursday, 2 July 2015


Matariki is an important event for New Zealand. Matariki is also know as the Maori new year.It is known as the seven stars or the seven sisters.

Papatuanuku(mother earth) and Ranginui  (Sky father) was happy.Tawhirimatea (god of the wind) was sad because his parents separated Tanemahuta,Tangaroa,Tumatauenga,Rongomatane,were mad because they were bunched and it was too dark so they push their parent
apart so thats how the parents were separated. Tawhirimatea hurled his eyes.

it was a late may early june.It was also half an hour before dawn so every body will still be alsleep untill it is morning.

when it is  maori new year there is a plentiful of food  and it is a time of remember your ancestors that passed away in years.

When matariki starts U have feasts and fly kites.U invite visitors to the feast.”put some music and dance too’.

There is special events like hot air balloons,kites,fireworks,.Sometimes there is some concerts

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