Thursday, 23 July 2015

Monday immersion assembly

As Pt. England School walked into the hall for immersion assembly for our first day of school. We all heard Mr Burt's booming voice.  Mr Burt said, 'who has $1,$2,$3…$10.He was selling things.  He pretended to be a auctioneer.  The things he was selling was for real money.

They did items but my favorite one was team 4.  They were funny and I was laughing because there was 3 people and 1 kid.  The 3 people were sassy, really happy, and calm, and sassy was the funniest.  Everyone laughed.

I have a 2nd favorite item it is team 1 there was a movie of team 1 teachers going to the market.  They had a chocolate money scramble.They talked about buying stuff at the supermarket.

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