Tuesday, 23 February 2016

short story

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Start Writing here: Once upon a time there was a Gingerbread man named Chip. He has short hair with long arms and long legs. He loves going swimming in the pools,thats really deep.

One morning Chip got home from the pools,and went for a wash in the shower. after he showered he got changed, and decided to go shopping at Pak n save. So he hopped inside the car.

Chip Went inside the shop He buyed Some bread. But some how a Whale came out of nowhere,and swallowed Chip.Chip Was screaming out
But nobody heard him. He started to get tired,and laid on the heart while watching other people get swallowed. Chip was talking about getting swallowed,and made up a plan!.

So while they were talking the whale started to shake,and everybody in the whale were flying all over the place. The whale stopped and Chip had a good plan. He was thinking of tickling the the whale. Chip called everyone,and they all listened to Chip. Chip explained his idea to everyone so they started tickling,and the whale started shaking.

The plan wasn't working so everyone was stuck. Chip felt very very hungry,and his stomach was rumbling.Chip saw tons of fish flying inside of the mouth.Chip was starving,so he wate all the fish but he didn't share. everyone was very mad that they started tickling for 15 mins, and the whale spit everyone out and they got free.  
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