Wednesday, 2 August 2017

guardians of the galaxy writing

on earth there is gonna a big asteroid hitting the earth in 68 hours. That is also the end of the world. So Im gonna leave from earth to saturn to  because i don't want to die.

On The way there I stop at some planets to Get some sleep. I woke up and Started flying again.  We came across a big black spaceship. I was looking for some food and water, so i knocked on the wall, and shouted ‘hello’ Nobody replied but I hear a noise “blurrr” The sound gets louder every time. Suddenly I see ALIENS! They were also pointing their space rifles at me which is even worse.

I had to think quick before the aliens kill me. I just remembered! I can jump thanks to the no gravity. I started to jump… the Aliens Can jump too! I was so scared, I didn't know what to do and if i don't eat i might die. Peuw peuw I hear The aliens started dieing i was confused. I looked behind me and saw a person. She lives of mars she help me get the food.  

“Hi im jessie what are you doing here?” said the girl. “Nothing just looking for a planet to liv on” I said. We met each other then she told me to come to mars. Mars his the safest planet either than earth. '

So She took me to mars, and I liked the environment. There was water and I brought a ton of food. I had fun there but earth was rebuilt and i went back home. THE END

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