Monday, 25 September 2017

Free Writing!

Today I reached my one billionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because I am going to prank Lorenzo By smashing his budget car in front of him, and buy him a little toy bike. His reaction will be hilarious.  

Im outside his house but he's not home so i wait for him to get to his House. 2 hours later I'm still waiting behind the car. I finally see him come In his brother's car. I pop out from behind grab the sledgehammer than BOOM!

The car windows i hit first, it scatters everywhere but i don't care so i keep smashing it. It was so smashed that it blowed up. We had to move back. He was so mad he was chasing me around his house.

Boom Boom Boom! The engine popped out and blowed up. I stop and said to Lorenzo ‘Wait I have something for you’ He stopped chasing me I surprised him with a little baby bike. He was so angry he cried, but i didn't care So  i left and went home.

task description: we just had t o do free writing about a youtube video because we pretend we just reached 1 million veiws.

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