Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

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Its nearly spring, and people always get sick, so here are some ways to prevent yourself from being sick. In spring there are many sports being played, and some events being held and other stuff.

If you are playing a sport or something you should always drink water to keep yourself well. If you don't have havent drank any fluid especially when playing sports you will be dehydrated, and get sick. It will also cause vomiting, which you don't want. So keep drinking (:

What’s another way you can prevent yourself from getting sick? Well Getting a good sleep will. For example When you play games on a school night all night your brain will be exhausted, and tired. You will not learn anything, and get a headache. I have done this before, and it didn't go well I slept at 1 o'clock playing games and in the morning I was so sleepy, and got in trouble from the teacher a lot haha. So don't do this.

You could also wash your hands before every meal you have so you, and your food will not be dirty after all the dirty stuff you have done, and touched. If you don't wash your hands, and you touch your food, than your food will be so dirty, and you will eat some of the dirt you have touched in the past.

If you can do this everyday you will be healthy, and safe. Your body will be good as new. I guarantee that. I always do this, You should too. Thank you for watching I hope you like it. 
Here are ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. By kruz

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