Thursday, 8 February 2018

scary story

Once upon a time there were 2 boys named Jake,
 and Logan were going out for trick or treating.
 Their favourite time of the year was Halloween.
 They would always talk about Halloween.
 One night it was finally Halloween time. Jake dressed up as skeleton,
 and Logan dressed up as a ghost.
In about the first 5 minutes they managed to get their bags filled up. That's insane.
 Jake said “let go to our last house” Logan agreed.
 So they went looking around for the best house.
 They finally got to a house that has decorations, and scary noises.
Knock Knock! Jake knocked on the door… A guy comes in with a smile on his face.
He looked like he was in his late 40’s. “Hey come in the candy’s inside”
The man said in a creepy voice. “Its ok we’ll pass” Logan said nicely.
Jake, and Logan tip toed out of the deck, and ran, home. They finally reached home,
 and gather all the candy.
 They heard a knock on the door. Bang Bang!!.
 Jake peeked through the blinds until they saw a man in a black hoodie staring straight at Logan,
and then the most disturbing scream that Logan has ever heard.
 “AAHHHH!!” Jake was being dragged. It was so scary Logan decided
 to call the police.
 “Ahh hey whats your emergency” the police officer said. “COME NOW” Logan Shouted. Logan hanged up. In about a few minutes they heard a siren. It was totally the police.
Jake was still being dragged through the backdoor.
The police got out of the car, and ran to the kidnapper and handcuffed him.
It was the same guy as the guy who wants them to come on the house.
 From that moment on They have never heard of him ever… The end

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