Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Information Report Samoa

WALT: Follow the structure of an information report
Samoa is a beautiful island, located in the pacific ocean.
The capital of Samoa is Apia. You will find lots of nice people
there. The king of Samoa is Malietoa Tanumafili II.
The population in Samoa is near 198k.

In Samoa there are lots of things to do.
You can go swimming, Shopping, and other things.
The shops there are normally very packed. There is also a cinema.
I suggest to go to the beach because the beaches in Samoa
have nice blue clear seas, and soft sand. There are also lots
of stray dogs so be aware.

The food in Samoa are very delicious. There are plenty of
yummy food. In Samoa there is a place called Mr.Chicken,
and it is like KFC but with coconuts, and sausages, and other
stuff that KFC doesn't have. There are also lots, and lots of
coconuts. You can find many coconuts on the tree.

Samoa is a country where you don't need a sweatshirt or a
jacket. if you were wearing one you will melt like Ice Cream.
Samoa is very hot. It is even hotter than Tonga. Samoa is
around 30 degrees, and the lowest is twenty!


The island is very nice. You will find beautiful things, and
people there. There are also nice wildlife, and environment.

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