Thursday, 13 June 2019

Information Report What is school?

WALT: Follow the structure of an information report

What is school?

School is a place where kids ages 5 to 18 can go to get an education.
In school there is a teacher who helps the students learn new things.
In New Zealand kids under 5 can go to a daycare for starters. When they
reach 5 they start their school life. When they turn 11 they go to intermediate
for two
year right before they go to college.

What you learn

At school your learn lots of new things. There are lots of subjects like
maths, reading, writing and more. Subjects are topics you learn. You can
learn how to count, read, multiply and so many.

Physical Education

Physical education/PE/Gym class is a subject where you do stuff that involves
moving your body. In PE class you can play sports, run, and exercise.
Schools have PE because they care about your health.

Soft Skills

School will also help you have a positive attitude, and being kind.
Having a positive attitude will make it easier to avoid negative thinking,
It would bring helpful changes in your life, and make you happier, and
successful in school.


School is a good, and an important place. It will help you do a lot of things.
It will also make you smarter.

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