Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Information Report Tonga

Tonga is a great country in the pacific. It has 169 island’s!
The capital of Tonga is Nuku’Alofa. The population is around
108k. In Tonga the king is Tupou VI.

Things to do
In Tonga there are lots of fun things to do like swimming
you can even swim under caves. There are lots of beaches

, and islands. Most of the roads in Tonga are made out of
gravel. There are also lots of nature to be found, but there
are bugs, so remember to bring some bug spray.

Tonga is a tropical island. Its is usually very hot in Tonga
all year around. You will find nobody in Jackets, Jumpers,
and Pants.  But in summer it rains, Typhoons, and storms.
You will most likely not see storms if you visit.

Tonga’s food is very yum. You will find Tongan food
everywhere like shops. Tonga also has a Mcdonalds.
They also love pigs, and horses. My favourite food there is
Faikakai. Faikakai is a sweet dumpling covered in sweet
coconut caramel sauce.

Tonga is a great country.  There are lots of things there.
The island has so many

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