Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Is Rugby safe to play in school?

WALT: Recognize that good writing techniques are universal
Do you play Rugby? Rugby is New Zealand biggest sport,
and many kids play it, but is Rugby safe to play at school?
Schools are starting to ban rugby at school. Do you think
rugby is safe to play in school? 

Rugby is a pretty rough sport. You could get bad injuries
like broken neck or a broken back, but if you have the right
gears you could play rugby in school grounds. Rugby at school
is good because you maybe training for a tournament, or a game.
Rugby in school should be allowed but only You have the right gear. 

Playing Rugby could be good. You never know there could be
people recruiting people to colleges. Plus every kiwi kid’s
dream is to be an all black or a warrior, and it all starts with
school or club.  

Another reason is that kids will love to play rugby. They will
be very excited to play. Kids will always love to play their
favorite sport, and will come back to class happily.  Maybe
that will be the reason why they even come school..

Rugby is a wonderful sport. Playing at school is very fun but
dangerous. It is OK to play rugby at school but as long as you
have your gear, and a ref or a coach. Do you think it's safe to
play rugby at school?

Task Description: In room 4 literacy class we had to right about is rugby safe at school. The class was trying to learn how to persuade people. This writing is not really persuasive but i tried...

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