Wednesday, 25 September 2019

COED schools

WALT: use evidence to support our arguments
Do you think COED is better than a single gender school? COED schools are better
because things like it lets both girls and boys socialize better. Plus Also being in a same
gender school will cause way more drama then it should. This essay will tell you why
coed schools are better.

COED schools are better because you can socialize more. Socializing with girls
are really important because there are gonna be a lot of girls in your life. Boys learning
with girls lets both genders prepare for the real world. When boys and girls are taught
to interact with one another, they can use the skill to do it after they graduate, and both
genders will be more comfortable collaborating with each other.

Attending in a single gender school will create way more drama. Being in an all boys
school, or an all girls school are more competitive because there will be sports teams,
and that’ll mean that you will be competing with every because there the same gender.
Even in academic, how people are trying to be the smartest boy or the smartest girl.

Being a COED school means that everyone is taught equally. With both genders in the
same class together and doing activities both boys, and girls will learn about the equal
rights between boys and girls. COED schools treat students the same when they are
told to do something. There is not a time where a person gets special treatment and
all students are ranked for their work not the gender type.

COED schools are better for so many more reasons. Many people have many
different opinions on whether one is better than the other. This is just my point of view on this topic. 
What do you think? Is COED better than a single gender school?

Task Description: Room 4 Literacy learnt about the disadvantages and the advantages of
being in a coed school. We brain stormed all our ideas and made it into a writing presentation.

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