Monday, 9 September 2019

Animal Testing

WALT: Use correct paragraph structure

 Having Animal testing is pretty important. It's like choosing whether a human or an animal should live. Even though animals are cute, playful and they keep you company, humans are worth more because of things such as intelligence, and technology. This essay will tell you why we need animal testing to help us survive.

 If one of your family members are being tortured from an eternal disease would you do everything you could just to keep them alive? If letting a few disgusting rats die meant saving someone's life would you let it happen?

 People disagree with animal testing because the fact that its animals that are getting tortured. They just care for animals and i do too, but animal testing is for humans. Humans obviously need to live. Animal testing is needed for humans to survive.

Fun fact, Humans share most genes with a rat, Humans and rats are warm blooded, and we both are likely to have the same disease, so it would make sense why they test it on rats and mice. They also suffer from things like cancer, Flue, and asthma.

 Animal testing on zebra fish will also probably be good because they could find a cure for unborn or new born babies who are already suffering from bad diseases. Zebra fish are another animal who have so much in common with humans. Zebra fish and humans share roughly 70 percent of the same genes. 

Scientist have been animal testing for a long time now, but although their trying to find cures they still haven't found any yet. That's starting to be a problem because their just killing animals, but they will eventually find some cures. What do you think about animal testing?

Task Description: Room 4 literacy class has had this discussion for 2 weeks now.  We learnt so much about it now and we had to write an essay about our opinion. Everybody had different opinions.

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