Wednesday, 18 September 2019

How to be a good son

WALT: write engaging introductions

Would your parents say your a good son? To be an amazing son you need to do
things such as listening, being helpful, and a lot more. Being a good son is really
important because your parents will want to love you, give you treats, and they
will be proud of you. This essay will tell you how to be a good son.

If you want to be a good son you need to start by actively listening. For
instance when your parents are telling you something you need to listen asap.
Your parents are the ones that know best, and they want to give you the best
advice for anything that you will experience. Your parents will try their best to
protect you from the mistakes they made. 

To be a good son you need to be helpful. Helping around the house will give
extra time for your parents to do more important things in their lives. For example
making breakfast for younger siblings will save time for you and your parents
to eat, then after that you can follow that up with doing the dishes after. 

Last tip on being a good son is to be grateful. When your parents have
cooked something, or bought you something  a great way to thank them
is to just be grateful and do all these tips. Being grateful will make them feel
proud about their work they have done for you. 

In conclusion to be a good son you need to be helpful, a great listener, and be grateful.
Your parents are one of the most important people in your life. Make them proud. 

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